Spring Cleanup Day – April 8, 2017

Many thanks to everyone who helped!

Many people showed up an hour early and then stayed an hour or two beyond the official work hours.  Everyone helped as needed for all teams.  For those who stayed until 2:30 we enjoyed a well-deserved hoagie meal together.

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Clockwise from lower-left:  Ruth Kwarteng, her daughters, Gil Hoffer, Bob Lockyer, Doug Martin, Peter Kwarteng.   Top-right: Ernie Bailey.

Not in the photo: Elliot Franz, Carol Lockyer, Chick Young, Susan Moyer, Viktor, Nnandi with his son, and Robert Laidlaw.

Doughnuts provided by Liz Bergan.

Hoagie lunch bought by Liz Bergan and paid for by Bob Lockyer.

Thanks again to everyone who may not be mentioned by name.

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