About St. Paul’s

We are growing and building!

All churches go through tough times, and ours is no exception. But we are overjoyed that the Spirit is at work at St. Paul’s, and we are now growing and building! Don’t be surprised if the person next to you is also a new member!

We are finishing the renovation of Jay Cooke Hall (the building behind our church which looks like something out of Harry Potter), and we are about to renovate our Livesey Chapel with its beautiful wrought-iron work. We are re-purposing space for young toddlers and their parents and are considering a home theater for our planned film club. And plans are afoot to completely renovate the large old Parish House next to our church, hopefully for an exciting international project. Stay tuned!

Our children and young people are
the light of our parish life.

Our Sunday School and Youth Group are growing and will soon expand. Based on Bible stories and our church calendar, a focus of our Sunday School Curriculum and Youth Group program is God’s love of difference, and learning to recognize each other’s cultural differences. We are beginning to direct our young people’s attention to the anniversaries of the Civil Rights and Anti-Apartheid Movements.

Our Sunday School and Youth Group are raising funds to drill a water well in a village in Africa and are over 1/3 towards their goal.

The beauty around you in our sanctuary reflects our
love of all kinds of music and the arts.

Our recent renovation by architect and member George Schwab, has opened and brightened our worship space, and given new visual access to our thirteen glorious stained-glass windows designed and produced by Louis Tiffany.
Our decision to remove our pews was much regretted by some, but now allows for innovative forms of liturgy and worship, and also allows our acoustically beautiful sanctuary to be used for concerts and other events.

Our baptismal fount with its parade of animals was created by member and noted ceramic artist William Daley in memory of a much-loved member Akarue Amachi from Nigeria who was a veterinarian. Bill has ceramic art in museums around the world. More of his work can be seen at www.williamdaley.net.

Our annual opera concert series, St. Paul’s Resounds, presented by our music director, David Antony Lofton, is much loved and well attended by our community. Several winners and a number of finalists of the Metropolitan Opera Competition, and world-class Gospel soloists have sung here recently and regularly – both in concert and for our church services.

Our new series of folk, pop, and classical concerts are an exciting addition to our outreach, and are attracting new members of our wider community. In all of this, we strive for artistic and musical excellence to the glory of God, and as a beacon of the beauty of creation to our community.